Manager Network Interview Questions

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“Rank skills in order of priority you think is necessary to succeed in this job.”

“What are some revenue models outside of advertising you can think of for”

“what are 3 things as a professional with all my experience do i still find myself struggling to manage?”

“How would you monetize Wikipedia?”

“how do i handle situations that may be outside my experience that might be material to the company's operations.”

“How would you decide what search features (e.g., Q&A, images) to prioritize on a mobile device?”

“Are you familiar with Tekno Telekom (propietary equipment)? I was not, but had enough background that Syniverse accepted my application.”

“None. The hiring manager exited early to get the "HR" manager I was supposed to meet with. The person that returned was a stand-in HR person. She said the HR person I was supposed to meet with…”

“Interviewer: "Do you mind if I teleconference in my executive to listen? By the way, avoid getting overly detailed while he is on the line as he is a bottom line, results-oriented person."”

“This title is only temporary, would you be willing to switch to another role, title after three months?”

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