Manager of Customer Service Interview Questions

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“Do you have a problem managing others?”

“Please provide me an experience or situation in your previous union job where an employee was terminated due to company theft.”

“What is your favorite color and why?”

“Questions about my experience at a job that was prior to my recent one so had to recall the position challenges from 4 years ago. Could do it but was not easy.”

“You have seen another associate stealing merchandise what would you do or who would you contact?”

“Describe a time at school or work where you face multiple problems are issues at one time. How did you face the issues, what were your solutions and how did you implement the solutions?”

“I was asked how do I deliver a "no" to the customer when they are expecting and demanding a "yes" answer.”

“Where I would be in 10 years. Who knows that?”

“Did you hire and fire employees”

“Not much difficulty if you know how to paint a picture of the perfect interaction. Most difficult question is how did you mess up last and how did you resolve it.”

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