Manager Sales & Marketing Interview Questions

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“Explaining why I thought I would be a fit for this industry.”

“Tell me about a time in your current position how you handled a stressful situation.”

“What do you think of our pricing model? (which is posted to their website, too)”

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“How do you think a sales person should behave? Carry out their duties?”

“"What do you think of the Geico commercial? Is it effective in marketing its product?"”

“How would I handle dissent amongst board members when presenting a new idea or budget request?”

“Where do I REALLY want to see myself within 3 months, 1 year, 10 years?”

“The interview was very scripted and asked for detailed examples of how you handled a particular set of issues. Wee very concerned about my area of residence and the amount of travel involved. While...”

“What do you expect from a company?”

“The CEO was concerned about keeping people long-term. Several employees are 20+ years and they want to keep that going. The question was something like 'Are you going to leave in a few years if we...”

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