Manager Technology Interview Questions

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“Why are manhole covers round?”

“Design a secure VPN solution for Remote Users (Low cost & Robust)”

“Unexpected: I was asked if I was not asked any question I had hoped they would ask?
Difficult - Technical question regarding my experience with systems asked by someone who did not have the…”

“How would you handle an employee that did not want to change and go forward.”

“What kind of provisioning process have you worked with for automated provisioning of servers for end customers (hiring manage never brought this up; only the director put it on the table - it was a…”

“What do you consider to be your greatest weakness”

“Why did you leave your last job”

“How does your unique history match our job requirements”

“How have you gotten someone, who does not work for you, to do something to advance your project or initiative?”

“"You know we can't pay you much, you ok with that?"”

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