Managing Director Interview Questions

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“The HR rep asked alot of the "tell me about a time that you failed to accomplish something and what you learned from it" sorts of questions.”

“What was your reason for leaving your last position?”

“How would you manage a budget of over 5000 hours for a given project?”

“Your resume shows impressive volume of productivy. Tell me why the quality of that productivy was also impressive?”

“What's the most creative or proud example you have of an exceptional insight you got from analytics work?”

“They asked me why I had applied for the job.”

“Describe a situation where you had to deal with a difficult employee.”

“How many per day you do?”

“Do you have UX experience (read: asking the candidate who is an Account Manager now IA)?”

“What would I do to retain a family who is unhappy with results to date. Students grades had not improved. Student was on a 12 month plan.”

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