Manufacture Engineer Interview Questions

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“"What kind of work don't you like to do?"”

“Do you own a Leatherman?”

“While you do meet the standard qualifications we would actually desire someone with a Masters Degree. Why should we consider you?”

“Name 4 things you have to keep in mind when measuring nanovolts.”

“Behavioral interview question: Provide us with an example of having to deal with a problem on the shop floor and how you resolved it.”

“What would be the time mix that I would prefer , Computer / Document , vs out in the plant .”

“Why do you want to work here”

“Nothing out of line, maybe direct management style for employees, which wasn't expected because this was a non-management role”

“. Describe your work history that is relative to this position?
2. What is your knowledge and experience with shop machinery and hand tools?
3. What is your experience or knowledge with pnuematics…”

“Request to see my current companies private documents.”

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