Manufacturing interview questions

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“You are in charge of a production line and one of the safety guarding is missing on conveyor. The production supervisor wants to start production. What would you do?”

“You are in a boat in a pool with a rock in your hand. You throw the rock into the pool. Does the water level rise, drop, or stay the same?”

“which is hard to fix -- setup violation or hold violation? And why?”

“What happens to a penny when you put it in ketchup?”

“What is your biggest weakness?”

“You have nine coins, eight of which weigh one ounce, and one weighs 1.1 ounces. You have a "judge's scale" with which to weigh them. What are the fewest steps necessary to determine which coin is…”

“3 boxes, 2 w/ 1 type item each & 1 mixed, labels are wrong, you get 1 pick from 1 box - can you correctly determine the right labels with 1 pick?”

“Can Si be used to make LEDs ?”

“How many dogs in the world have the same exact number of hairs?”

“Tell me about yourself, do you have a family?”

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