Manufacturing interview questions

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“What is your biggest weakness?”

“You have nine coins, eight of which weigh one ounce, and one weighs 1.1 ounces. You have a "judge's scale" with which to weigh them. What are the fewest steps necessary to determine which coin is...”

“3 boxes, 2 w/ 1 type item each & 1 mixed, labels are wrong, you get 1 pick from 1 box - can you correctly determine the right labels with 1 pick?”

“Can Si be used to make LEDs ?”

“Tell me about yourself, do you have a family?”

“Brain Teaser: you have 7 seemingly identical looking balls, only 1 is slightly lighter than the other 6. You are given a scale. How can you find the 1 lighter ball is you are only allowed to use the...”

“What is the capacitance at this point where it showed only two capacitors and a switch. The guy gave me q=cv, i think, but the question was ambiguous.”

“You are in a boat and you threw the anchor into the river. The anchor settled on the lake floor. What happens to the level of water before and after the anchor is dropped ?”

“Given 3 consective numbers, the biggest and smallest are primes. Prove the number in the middle is divisible by 6.”

“Why are you interested in working for Baker Hughes as a field engineer?”

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