Manufacturing interview questions

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“Given: three clamped NMOS transistors in series with Vcc at the beginning. The output of the final one went into the source of a PFET, with the drain tied to ground and the gate tied to some voltage…”

“The format of the on site interviews for the most part is the same- as long as you are prepared with your stories of past experiences and how you handled the situations you will be fine.”

“How to swap the values in 2 variables without using a temporary variable.”

“Do you have kids?”

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“You are in a boat which is in the middle of a pond and you are holding a rock in your hand. You throw the rock into the lake. Does the water level of the lake rise?”

“List all the possible uses for a diode”

“Consider 4 components of a color where:

    unsigned char red = 0x10;
    unsigned char green = 0xFF;
    unsigned char blue = 0x0F;
    unsigned char alpha = 0x44;

Generate a packed color ARGB which…”

“Some of the behavioral questions were about:
1) brief self-introduction
2) Explain each experience listed on resume.
3) What if you give you customer wrong information.
4) Handle with several…”

“Questions about manufacturing environment.”

“If you're stuck in the middle of nowhere with a broken down car, how can you determine what the problem is?”

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