Manufacturing Interview Questions

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“Lots of questions on leadership, they score your answers to determine your leadership potential”

“What is my favorite and least favorite class in college.”

“What is your biggest weakness or mistake you made.”

“They were all standard questions (tell us about your background, what can you do for us, etc...)”

“What did you dislike most about your last job”

“Not so much a question but I had to perform some preliminary problem solving skills on some of their equipment that I had never seen before. I was given a manual and the equipment & went to work”

“Do you own a Leatherman?”

“Your senoir project is very technically interesting, descibe your role and explain why it was a success to us.”

“What do expect from a boss?”

“. Describe your work history that is relative to this position?
2. What is your knowledge and experience with shop machinery and hand tools?
3. What is your experience or knowledge with pnuematics…”

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