Manufacturing Technician Interview Questions

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“Do you plan on going to grad school?”

“Nothing difficult just a lot of classes, they are very thorough when it comes to training.”

“Would you be willing to move to Wichita, Kansas?”

“Your senoir project is very technically interesting, descibe your role and explain why it was a success to us.”

“What are our values?”

“What do expect from a boss?”

“Identify abbreviations of Table of Elements.”

“Define the word ambiguous. Describe a time when you received ambiguous instruction and how you overcame it.”

“I did not find any question to be difficult. Some were more probing than others. I suppose that a question like "Name a conflict you had at your last job and tell us how you handled it." was one…”

“What programming languages do you know?
What is your familiarity with PLC ladder logic?
Do you think that the decision of U.S. Manufacturing to leave automation in exchange for cheap overseas…”

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