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Program Manager at ZTE

Nov 11, 2013

“How did I feel about the way Chinese do business. I asked what was meant by the question and they answered that culture could be different.”

“Woud you like to work in sales instead? I'll hire you there... I applied to be an Account Manager... not a seller.”

Engineering at Sprint

Jun 19, 2012

“Am I a US citizen?”

“Do you live here? and are you from here?”

Cashier at Hobby Lobby

Jan 27, 2013

“Have you ever worked in retail before?”

Accountant at NIKE

Jun 29, 2012

“what are your qualifications??”

“Are you prepared to put in 60+ hours of week?”

“Why do you want to change the job?”

“none. pretty bland. nothing about experience or certifications, thought that was strange.”

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