Marketing Account Manager Interview Questions

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“Where do I REALLY want to see myself within 3 months, 1 year, 10 years?”

“How would you sell our value prop?”

“Do you prefer a desk job or an active job?”

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“What would you do, your first 3 months on the job?”

“"What do you think of the Geico commercial? Is it effective in marketing its product?"”

“I wasn't asked a single "typical" interview question and I'm not sure anyone actually read my resume.”

“The most unexpected questions was how long I had been married and if I have any kids--pretty sure that's illegal. And I felt pretty awkward standing there in the Home Depot while the other candidate…”

“Tell me about your leadership experience and why you would be a good leader”

“They employee the use of a personality test that they then use to make assumptions of what level you'll be best suited to work. It's just a smoke screen if you ask me and tells them nothing as to…”

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