Marketing Analyst Interview Questions

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“How do you prioritize this list of activities that you have to take care of right now?:
1. A weekly call to a client
2. A presentation you manager needs from you for a meeting
3. A meeting with…”

“Calculate the CPA for various social media channels.”

“Name 3 websites you have seen which are really good and why”

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“I had lots of SQL questions from how to create indexes, when to use the different joins, Use of views in SQL, how to improve efficiency of query, and how to write sql programmes for large data sets.”

“Tell me about yourself.”

“Do you prefer projects or long ones?”

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“Explain the differences between qualitative and quantitative market research”

“No specific difficult question. One question was regarding google analytics. Example of its use at work.”

“Unexpected: What was the most recent book you read for pleasure?
Difficult: I did not find any of the questions to be particularly difficult. There are questions about strengths & weaknesses, times…”

“A Sas question in the test about merging two datasets”

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