Marketing Communications Interview Questions

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“Do you think you would be satisfied doing this type of work?”

“How have you utilized your relationship with agencies/vendors to achieve company goals?”

“How do you deal with difficult, demanding people?”

“Give us an example of something you worked on that completely flopped and how you recovered.”

“You will be given a 72-hour take home challenge. We are only looking for how effectively you communicate.”

“What is your current employer doing better than we are? I work in marketing so I had to answer based on my research done prior to interview. I was so happy I did a ton of research/comparison before...”

“Why weren't you recruited right out of college?”

“Can a marketing department be savvy enough to understand the technical issues needing to be addressed or communicated through marketing?”

“Toward the end of the manager's interview, he asked the brainteaser question about the probability of picking loose socks of the same color in a hurry in a room with no light.”

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