Marketing Consultant Interview Questions

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“I was asked if I was set in my ways as a sales person. He asked if I was able to use strategies that are used by the publisher and if I would be willing to negotiate with clients. He asked if I had…”

“Can you describe any marketing campaign that you have done?
What do you see yourself in 5 years?”

“Why are you looking to leave your company?”

“All questions were STAR questions.”

“What is your biggest flaw or weakness?”

“One of the team leads asked me a word problem to see how I would react. He didn't really care if I got the answer right, he just wanted to see if I could handle a situation in which I wasn't prepared…”

“What do you expect for compensation?”

“What skills would help you be successful in our organization?”

“Where do you see our product as being specifically applicable to other industries?”

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“Do you find it difficult to talk to and meet new people?”

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