Marketing Executive Interview Questions

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“What made you choose marketing and advertising?”

“Do feel comfortable managing a staff of at least 8 people?”

“The most difficult question was the one that I asked regarding salary and benefits and the answer was close to minimum wage or less.”

“where would you recommend a marriott owner go to dine if they were in the mood for a french restaurant on the island?”

“Why do you want to work here?”

“Why do you think you you are qualified for this job managing design and content when you have no experience writing content.”

“Desctibe a time when you made a mistake at work.”

“What is your current working background, what would make you a good fit for this position, basically your standard interview questions - but in a much more relaxed setting where it feels more like a...”

“So obviously asking what interested you in the job is a given, but the interviewer actually asked why I made the decision to go into marketing as a career in the first place. It seems like an easy...”

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