Marketing Interview Questions

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“What is the marketing strategy of your former company?”

“How do you think Amazon may have come up with the $80 fee for the Amazon Prime membership program? - this is a classic pricing question.”

“What is my greatest work related weakness? Attention to detail? Follow through? Administration?”

“The questions aren't difficult. It's getting them to look past one's skin color in order to be given a fair chance.”

“Would you be interested in working here?”

“How many people are in Logan Airport at 9am on a Monday morning?”

“How did you approach marketing messaging in past assignments?”

Sales at 5 North

Mar 10, 2013

“The most difficult part of the interview for me was when they asked me about why I left my previous position.”

“My interview with the Senior Exec was the hardest because he seemed to be a very skilled interviewer. They kind where it does not seem like he asked you a question yet you seem to be saying…”

“yes, I was asked about business cases, weakness and future personal goals.
You have to do some research about the interview”

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