Marketing Interview Questions

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“Why would you take a major salary cut aka aren't you too senior for this position?”

“Describe events, experience and other information on your resume.”

“Something like "If it costs .02 cents to print up a mailer and .20 cents to mail it and each marketing lead costs .001 cents but we can buy a list that should give is a 1.5% response rate and of...”

“How would you sell a pencil to someone that does not need one?”

“Tell me about yourself.”

“Generally, I think the most difficult part is that the company was in the process of redifining the position, so that almost every person I interviewed with came at it from a different angle. For...”

“What brought you to (insert company name here) as opposed to their competion?”

Consultant at MetLife

Nov 6, 2014

“They asked me about my life outside of work and I mentioned that I recently had a second child. The interviewer got nervous and asked if I was sure that I could attend to all the early morning...”

“-Can you sell? Obviously, this is the core job function, and it's inside sales, so, if you genuinely cannot sell, it's not going to be for you.”

“Questions they ask are: do you know the two types of marketing systems? Indirect is 3% effective and direct is 10% effective. They will also ask you on a scale from 1-10 how do you rate your work...”

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