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Dec 25, 2013

Interview Question for Account Representative at Detroit Business Consulting:

“None, out of the many people interviewing, we where all being offered positions. As if everyone who isn't really strange gets hired.”

Dec 11, 2013

Interview Question for Account Manager Position Interview at J.M.E. Marketing:

“During the interview I was asked about a vision for my future which until now I haven't had a clue, graduating was my vision but they have a unique culture that I can see myself fitting into very…”

Nov 28, 2013

Interview Question for Sales Executive at Assembly Alliance Electronics:

“What makes your services better than anyone else that offers the same thing?”

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Nov 18, 2013

Interview Question for Associate Marketing Manager at General Mills:

“Imagine you're called down to Washington to do a marketing campaign for the GOP. As a result of the shutdown, their approval ratings are down to record lows. How would you turn this around?”

Nov 7, 2013

Interview Question for Program Manager at Alcatel-Lucent:

“Explain the current market conditions which ALU is best positioned to exploit.”

Nov 6, 2013

Interview Question for Marketing Program Analyst at University Hospitals of Cleveland:

“Tell me about a time when you knew you were going to miss a deadline?”

Nov 4, 2013

Interview Question for Entry-Level Marketing at Unity Concepts:

“Where do you see yourself in 10 years. Do you see yourself as a leader or follower.”

Nov 3, 2013

Interview Question for Community Intern at Tumblr:

“Did not get this far ...”

Oct 16, 2013

Interview Question for Associate at L.E.K. Consulting:

“Determine the annual revenues for the average cruise ship.”

Oct 11, 2013

Interview Question for Managing Director at Strategy Partners International:

“How will you change what we have been doing previously to improve the growth results we expect?”