Marketing Manager Interview Questions

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“What makes you a good fit for Coca Cola? This was not one of the formal interview questions but a sort of side question that I was asked in both interviews.”

“I had to whiteboard what I thought the main aspects of my role would be and how I rated myself at each one activity. It was a 3-hour. 1-1 with my potential boss”

“What would you prefer, be on a winning team in a bad position or being in a great position with a loosing team”

“What is the worst business or career decision you ever made and what did you learn from it?”

“What is your 30 day/60 day/90 day plan for this job?”

“What should you do if the client wants to extend the contract with different terms and doesn't give you the proper time to review the contract.”

“Why should we hire you?”

“This one is a no brainer, "are you a Christian?"”

“What kind of marketing do you prefer - design or strategy?”

“Here is a magic box that does algorithmic signal matching [hinting at the Adchemy "secret sauce" intent matching algo]. What would be the ranking logic for two ads that have the exact same bidding…”

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