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“He asked a situational question: " If you were in a 30 minute interview and you were 3/4 of the way there, but the respondent suddenly gets frustrated because they are finding it difficult to...”

“None, they waste your time to take their survey about, how much you used to be paid and how much are you willing to work for, ect. How to you handle a busy day what do you do, Pick my noise that's...”

“Difference between finance and economics?”

“Hiring Managers' questions were too simplistic, mostly about survey implementation - a clear indication that the position was not going to be challenging enough. They didn't need people who think and...”

“"Why do you want to work for us?"”

“How many gas stations exist in US, come up with a estimate !”

“A complete inventory of relevant programming skills in SAS and IMS data processing”

“tell me something about yourself.”

“When would 2 trains traveling at different rate of speeds meet, when would 2 cars traveling at different speeds catch up to one another”

“What excel function would you use to return customer first names given the following data”

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