Marketing Strategy Interview Questions

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“Name a time that you used quantitative data to change the course of a marketing project.”

“Describe a technical product”

“How would you recommend developing a competitive intelligence process at Eastman?”

“Simple and easy questions. It's more like a conversation to see if you could fit in their environment. They'd ask you which team you are most interested in joining.”

“They detailed a real problem they had and asked me how I would go about solving it.”

“Give me an example of a time when you had to find and utilize both primary and secondary data sources, and also internal and external data sources, to analyze and find insights.”

“How do you handle tough questions?”

“Describe a time when you used primary research to affect change in your organization.”

“Questions were generic. Mostly, the interview process is a chance for them to go over your resume and qualifications with you. They use a panel so that multiple people can all report on their…”

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