Materials Engineer Interview Questions

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“What do you think you can make a Patent out of your previous work?”

“The most difficult question that I had concerned things that I was not familiar including examination of oils and lubricants.”

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

“When can you start? I want to send you on a field trip to Orlando, FL. You will tour our customer's installation and document any discrepansies you happen to find.”

“Was asked which materials would I choose for certain components of a spaceship taking into account reliability, weight and strength. Most of the components were pretty”

“give an example of a time that you had to work against a deadline. how did this deadline affect the quality of your work, and why was the deadline important to the way in which you completed your…”

“Describe a time you worked on a diverse team.”

“What experience did you have in material science? This was unexpected as there was no indication that the opening for engineer was related to material science.”

“Tell me something about yourself?”

“give an example of a time when you were in a group in which everyone in the group had an idea that you did not agree with, and you were able to change their minds or get them to see another side of…”

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