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“Mini Case: eBay is getting complaints from customers that the site doesn't have enough product selection. To increase product selection eBay runs a promotion and decides to waiver the listing fees...”

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“You've been working on a very entrepreneurial MBA program, how does that relate to this position?”

“Everything they ask is really straight forward. Name a product that you think is marketed well. Name a product that you think is marketed poorly.”

“Why do you want to live in LA?”

MBA Intern at Apple

Mar 13, 2010
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“What do see your career going?”

“prove your analytical skill”

“What are your top 3 weaknesses?”

MBA Intern at Adobe

Jun 25, 2012

“Case question: How would you approach renewals/retention strategy?”

“What are Disney’s strengths and weaknesses?”

“Are you still interested in the internship?”

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