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“Describe an experience that shows us that you would be a good fit for this position, given what we've talked about.”

MBA Intern at Cummins

Oct 29, 2010

“What will you do if your key stakeholders seem reluctant to get back to you?”

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“Analytical questions were the hardest”

MBA Intern at Enova

Sep 1, 2012
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“Three ants start to walk on the sides of a triangle. What is the probability they won't meet?”

“"I see your hobby is XX. I am a Venture Capitalist. You are opening a XX business. Tell me why I should invest in your company"”

“For 'x' WMT private label brand and the following 4 potential options for how to market it, which would you do and why?”

“What is your biggest weakness? What is you second biggest weakness? (really silly that this stumped me a bit)”

MBA Intern at Target

Jun 23, 2010

“The questions are not important. Pretty generic questions.”

“What do you predict will be a global food trend in the future?”

MBA Intern at IBM

Aug 15, 2012

“Understanding of how other companies in the industry have become successful.”

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