Mba Interview Questions

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“How would you go about choosing a new software for the company to use in your sector should you decide that the current software does not continue to meet our needs in the future.”

Analyst at Nucor

Mar 27, 2011

“The main questions involved a series of projects and ideas that no one had time to follow up on. They asked what I might be able to do with those ideas in the time given, and how I thought they would...”

“You must perform a 20 minute presentation on the field of marketing and where the opportunities are for MBA students”

Sales at MVP Sales

Aug 9, 2011

“what is your worth”

Sales at OMG National

Apr 27, 2012

“What have you learned recently that can directly impact our company?”

MBA Intern at Adobe

Jun 25, 2012

“Case question: How would you approach renewals/retention strategy?”

“A typical question would involve marketing a product Microsoft currently offers. I was asked how I would develop a marketing strategy around Live Search (now Bing).”

“I got a business case question for one of their products. They asked me what strategy I would use to launch it.”

“Why don't you have your MBA yet? (seriously)”

“How long do you plan on staying with the company?”

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