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Mar 26, 2012

Interview Question for Anonymous at

“How would you monetize Wikipedia?”

Mar 17, 2012

Interview Question for Sales at On Target Jobs:

“What will be the salary?”

Feb 25, 2012

Interview Question for Anonymous at Hennepin County Medical Center:

“All Standard for Call Center Management positions.”

Feb 2, 2012

Interview Question for Investment Banking Vice President at Goldman Sachs:

“If you had 5 red balls that contained 4 red balls and those red balls contained the original 5 red balls, then how many sets of sets of balls would I take to have a double set of red balls of varying…”

Dec 14, 2011

Interview Question for Business Systems Analyst at CACI International:

“You will have a Master's degree, what will keep you from leaving after you have finished your degree?”

Nov 19, 2011

Interview Question for Senior Consultant at Deloitte:

“The most difficult part for me was when my second round interview turned into a technology discussion. I would recommend people to look at some of the technologies where they have experience and…”

Oct 31, 2011

Interview Question for UPS Loader at UPS:

“How long do you see yourself working here”

Oct 9, 2011

Interview Question for ERS Consultant at Deloitte:

“If I am a bank (client) who has hired you as Consultants, what risks can you think of?”

Oct 5, 2011

Interview Question for Anonymous at Blockbuster:

“Asked me to described my ITSM and operations experience.”

Sep 27, 2011

Interview Question for Anonymous at Genentech:

“Be prepared to do a case study with multiple questions.”