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Apr 15, 2011

Interview Question for Project Manager at Open Systems International:

“Where do you see yourself in 3, 5 and 10 years?”

Apr 11, 2011

Interview Question for Marketing at Western Union:

“What do I plan to doing in 5 years?”

Apr 4, 2011

Interview Question for Product Manager at

“You're in charge of new business venture x. What do you evaluate in vetting the business potential? Now what is your estimate of the volume we could move (with numbers)?”

Apr 1, 2011

Interview Question for Corporate Strategic Services Intern at Quintiles:

“Say we were considering opening a facility in a new country--what factors would you take into consideration?”

Mar 30, 2011

Interview Question for Merchandise Intern at Levi Strauss:

“Estimate the market for western apparel”

Mar 27, 2011

Interview Question for Analyst at Nucor:

“The main questions involved a series of projects and ideas that no one had time to follow up on. They asked what I might be able to do with those ideas in the time given, and how I thought they would…”

Mar 7, 2011

Interview Question for Corporate Development Program - Summer Associate at Liberty Mutual Insurance:

“Analyze the current market for a particular insurance product and come up with a suggestion as to enter or not enter this market (and if yes, how).”

Dec 3, 2010

Interview Question for Associate Director, MBA Career Center at UC Irvine:

“You must perform a 20 minute presentation on the field of marketing and where the opportunities are for MBA students”

Nov 11, 2010

Interview Question for Advisory Senior at EY:

“Describe a time where you had a team failure”

Oct 18, 2010

Interview Question for Technical Writer Analyst at Excellus BlueCross BlueShield Rochester Region:

“What data warehousing experience do you have?”