Mechanical Design Engineer Interview Questions

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“What is your salary expectation?”

“What is your least favorite engineering course?”

“Mostly behavior based questions in the in-person interview so not too hard, most technical questions were asked by the hiring manager in the phone interview, but even then no rigorous technical...”

“Showed an assembly and asked where is the highest stress acting?”

“What would prevent you from accepting the offer?”

“Being fresh out of college, I honestly found many of the questions to be abstract to me and somewhat difficult to answer without hesitation. For example: What are your greatest strengths, as well...”

“How do you determine the direction of fluid flow in a pipe without directly interacting with what's inside?”

“1. Engineering cantilever beam question on phone interview 2. Ipod battery door design challenge 3. Show me the hardest problem you ever solved.”

“What do you expect your annual salary to be?”

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