Mechanical Engineer II Interview Questions

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“Several questions about masses attached to springs. What is the fundamental frequency of oscillation for each system? What is the expression for free vibration of such systems? Which will have a...”

“Take a look at this schematic for some pumps connected in series which we use in our system, and tell me how we can get a constant steady flow of fluid into the liquid chromatography tube chamber...”

“Rigid beam suspended by two rods made of different materials (brass and aluminum.) How will the beam move if the only external force is gravity?”

“Block sliding down a slope with given friction coefficient. What angle of the slope will be just enough to make the block start slipping?”

“Take a look at this device. We are transferring some heat through this piece of aluminum which has a slot in it near its end. Why do you think that slot is there?”

“calculate increased cost of fuel consumption assuming the govt passed a law requiring daytime running headlights.”

“Can you explain your graduate level research work?”

“Why do you want to work here?”

“Talk about a design project that included technical and strategic challenges.”

“I was asked about my specific background as germane to the job for which I was being interviewed.”

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