Mechanical Engineer Intern Interview Questions

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“Relate academic experience with the job you are applying for...”

“If you encountered a problem while working on a project in a team environment, how would you approach the solution?”

“He asked about 4-5 behavioral STAR questions; Name a time you worked successfully as part of a group, name a time you had to seek help from someone else, name a time you overcame something…”

“Technical questions, including reciting some essential engineering formulas. Both electrical and mechanical formulas were asked of me. They were all simple & straightforward, but good to brush up on…”

“They brought in a downhole drilling piece of equipment that they were designing and asked questions as to what I would do to improve the design and how I would overcome certain obstacles that they…”

“Tell me a bit about the project that you have highlighted on your resume. What did it entail and what did you do for it?”

“Explain overall how a nuclear power plant functions.”

“Only questions I remember were "How competent are you in finite element analyses?" and "What's your favorite class you've taken in college?"”

“While touring the production floor, we stopped at piece of vehicle test equipment and he asked me to explain its function and what various components did. After walking around the equipment, I was…”

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