Mechanical Engineering Co-Op Interview Questions

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“There are two rooms - one has three light bulbs, the other has three switches. You can go to the room with the bulbs ones. How will you find out which switch turns on which light bulb.”

“Describe how an engine works?”

“Explain the most innovative idea or concept that you have implemented with limited use of resources”

“They gave me a section isometric view of a part and asked me to draw the top and side views.”

“What experience would you bring to Flowserve?”

“One logic question, why is a manhole circular?”

“Questions about your resume, favorite class and why, why Deere, etc”

“Why did you decide to study engineering?”

“Tell us about a time you had to collect data. What methods and tools did you use? What did you do with the data?”

“What has been your biggest failure/regret, and what did you learn from it.”

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