Mechanical Engineering Intern Interview Questions

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“Explain any past research or projects you have participated in relevant to the position you are applying for.”

“What do you want to do with Mechanical Engineering? Life goals?”

“Asked some theoretical design questions on what they were working on. Question statement was vague because they could not give me any details. Not particularly difficult though.”

“Can you give me an example of a time when you had difficulties working with a team?”

“Do you like to look at things in the overall sense or at fine detail?”

“They asked me about a time in which I was forced to quit halfway through something and move on to something else and how I handled it? They also asked me to report all my interview answers in the...”

“What was the hardest project you have had to undertake, and how did you approach it?”

“Some questions will revolve around the products themselves so do some research.”

“An example of a tough question would be. How did you handle a failure? That was about as tough as it gets.”

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