Mechanical Interview Questions

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“The shipyard is looking for long term workers, that works well in a teams and get along with everyone. It you have mechanical skills, talk about it because the interview will not ask you that…”

“What do you know about the TSO certification process.”

“Have you had any experience dealing with customer who don't adhear to a design freeze?”

“There were some challenging questions, but they were aimed to give you a chance to answer them very well. I didn't feel that any of the questions were difficult to answer and was able to give a solid…”

“Where did you learn your assembly skills?”

“Why are there two high tides in one day?”

“What are your weaknesses? Have you worked in a team environment before? If yes, elaborate on the experience.”

“Can you describe the I-V Characteristics of a PV panel? Demonstrate good experimental methodology (e.g. scientific method). Are you willing to climb around solar panel arrays? build fixturing…”

Cashier at Walmart

Apr 16, 2012
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“Describe a time you went above and beyond for a customer.”

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