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Barnes & Noble Interviews  /  HQ: New York, NY

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Family Video Interviews  /  HQ: Glenview

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Books-A-Million Interviews  /  HQ: Birmingham, AL

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Interview Questions

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“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

“Asked me what I would do if a customer complained about their late fee.”

“Give me a situation where you were faced with a tough decision?”

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“How would you help a customer that is preparing to take their GRE in 3 months?”

“Do you enjoy movies/games?”

“Tell about something that went wrong and what you did to fix it.”

“Tell him about myself”

“Can you work nights?”

“What was the BEST customer experience you ever had and why/ What was the WORST customer experience you ever had and why?”

“The box area is not sudoko as they say. It is across and over addition to find the wrong number in the box. Three numbers like 6,4,2 =12 or 6,4,3 = 14 So the wrong number is 3. This takes time, find...”

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