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“Do you have the technical knowledge to operate a book shop?
Can you supervise employees so that they are fulfilled and the job is done?
Have you the business knowledge to maintain the b-o-r-i-n-g…”

“In a general book shop setting, can you bring the necessary spectrum of knowledge:
(a) Will you be able to engage the interest of a toddler, an eight-year-old, a teen, and their parents? The…”

“Do you know what we mean by IOS standards?”

“"What do you know about our company?"”

“What are a few examples of times you gave great customer service?”

“How fluent are you with computers?”

“Salary expectation.”

“Why do you want to join the management team?”

“Would you be willing to clean the bathroom if asked.”

“Describe a situation in which you were given great customer service. What made that experience so memorable, and why has it stuck with you?”

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