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“How did you handle a customer that was upset?”

“Most rewarding experience in your professional life so far?”

“Do you have the technical knowledge to operate a book shop?
Can you supervise employees so that they are fulfilled and the job is done?
Have you the business knowledge to maintain the b-o-r-i-n-g…”

“In a general book shop setting, can you bring the necessary spectrum of knowledge:
(a) Will you be able to engage the interest of a toddler, an eight-year-old, a teen, and their parents? The…”

“"What do you know about our company?"”

“Do you know how to sell?”

“What are a few examples of times you gave great customer service?”

“How fluent are you with computers?”

“What would you do to grow the business. Not having training or working their previously I was a little taken back.”

“Salary expectation.”

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