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“Implement a stack that can be "flipped" at any time.”

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“Write a SQL command that returns users' order history and the total cost of each order including shipping. There are 3 tables: users table, orders table, order details table.”

“Write an application that maps out a large set of data in as little time as possible.”

“Implement a method to perform basic string compression using the counts of repeated characters. "aabcccc" becomes "2a1b4c".”

“One bridge, 4 people. A, B, C, D. A takes 2 mins to cross the bridge, B 4 mins, C 8 mins, D 16mins.

It is dark and 1 torch. So, 2 people need to cross the bridge at the same time, so that one…”

“Wasn't anything too difficult. Very laid back. Gave a good explanation of what I had to do. Being a huge wrestling fan I'm sure helped.”

“Write a program to test endianess of storage.”

“Given a stack containing values, implement min() operation to find minimum of all the values in O(1) time. Push() and Pop() should run in O(1) as well.”

“They require an intelligence test.”

Sales at IAC

Mar 19, 2009

“Is yours a seek permission or a seek forgiveness style?”

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