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“How do you reverse a linked list”

“how many blocks on an n x n megablock are not on the edge?”

“What does 40 << 2 equal?”

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“The second question is that there are 8 buttons, 7 of them are some, one is a bit little heavier, and you have a balance, how could find the heavier one, you can just use the balance twice.”

““Imagine that you have three boxes, one containing two black marbles, one containing two white marbles, and the third, one black marble and one white marble. The boxes were labeled for their contents…”

“How would you print a linked list in reverse order?”

“Write a java program that can convert a string of numbers (e.g. "5387") into an integer (5387).”

“How to find out whether a number is odd or even.”

“You have 4 aces and a king in a set of cards, what's the probability of get kind before all aces.”

“How do you find the max depth of a binary tree?”

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