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“Given a stack containing values, implement min() operation to find minimum of all the values in O(1) time. Push() and Pop() should run in O(1) as well.”

“They require an intelligence test.”

Sales at IAC

Mar 19, 2009

“Is yours a seek permission or a seek forgiveness style?”

“What are your expectations of working for Disney, and of this job in particular?”

“It wasn't difficult, but I was given a scenario regarding a customer that wasn't happy that they had been advertising for just a week and were not happy with the results; they said it wasn't working...”

QA Tester at Storm8

Jan 24, 2012

“Are you passionate about the game industry?”

“What is your greatest regret?”

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“Say DAU is increasing but MAU are decreasing (over 3 months period), how would you approach this problem and what data sets would you work with?”

Engineer at Riot Games

Feb 27, 2011

“How would you describe what you do now?”

“an engineer drew a picture of an F-14 fighter and drew four arrows away from the plane and asked me to define the direction the arrows pointed.”

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