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“Suppose there is a rectangular map where you can only travel up or right to go from a start location in the bottom left corner to the top right corner, and each move is discrete. Write a program that…”

“It takes 15 minutes to fill a tank from a tap and 40 minutes to enpty it from the sink . If both are open how long will it take to fill the tank . Capacity of tank is 400 gallons”

“25 racehorse question. Given 25 horses a track that can only race 5 at a time, what is the fewest # of races to find the top 3 ranked horses?”

“specific c++ (version 11) questions. they dont care if you know the previous version of c++ 10/10. learn shared_ptr, unique_ptr, scoped_ptr etc and other new features in c++ 11 in and out.”

“Given 2 eggs, how would you find the exact floor at which the egg breaks when thrown from a building comprising 100 floors”

“Home code test. Write a point of sales API that applies a discount after certain # of products of a the same type have been purchased.”

“2) You have 10 jars containing 100 marbles each. One jar has marbles weighing 1.1 grams. The other jars have marbles weighing 1.0 grams. The marbles all look alike. What is the minimum number of…”

“Write a program that verifies that a binary tree is a binary search tree.”

“Given an array of 1..n numbers with 2 numbers missing in it find the missing ones.”

“Given 99 numbers from 1 to 100 no-duplicate, find the number that is not there between 1 to 100; given 98 numbers from 1 to 100 no-duplicate, find the two numbers missing between 1 to 100.”

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