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“What's 5/2 in MySQL ?”

“Write a function to cause stackoverflow.”

“Write a function to convert First Name, Last Name to Last Name, First Name.”

“You and the interviewer play a game. There are piles of stones on a table, each with a different number of stones. On your turn, you can take from the table any positive number of stones from any…”

“A robot can move only left and down in nXn matrix. Have to get to the bottom right corner of matrix. Write algorithm to find the maximum number paths it can take.”

“Now if you have a sorted array, how will you search for an element?”

“Write a program to reverse each word in a string and remove spaces say "i am good" to "imadoog".”

“Why are manhole covers round.”

“Given deck of cards + joker, what is the probability you see the joker before all four aces?”

“Why do you want to work with us?”

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