Media Specialist Interview Questions

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“Have you ever used any Panasonic equipment that uses memory cards instead of tape media.”

“"If you see a customer looking to buy a CD, what other products/services would you attach to that sale to make their experience even better."”

“"How would you go about taking over my job if offered?" very awkward question”

“What do you think the next "big thing" in social media will be?”

“Are you an Apple or PC guy”

“What would a perfect day at work be, for you?”

“The most difficult question was when they asked me to come interview in Boston for Brand Ambassador and then the current brand ambassador , went behind my back and hired a friend rather than me, who…”

“Why did you leave your previous, well-paying position?”

“"We are looking to start an Open Badge infrastructure for our new program. Are you familiar with Open Badges".”

“There were no difficult questions”

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