Medical Devices Interview Questions

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“What steps do you take to develop leads in your current position?”

“Tell us about a time when you experienced a conflict with another person on your team and what did you do to resolve the conflict?”

“"Was that even a sales position"?”

“Why were there so many job changes on my resume. The interviewer had seen several positions on my resume over the last ten years.”

“Expect to be asked about your past attendance at former jobs. Also be expected to be asked about your ability to work in close small teams. This is one of the corner stones of the Gore culture.”

“Would you be willing to travel 8-10 weekends out of the year?”

“Not really a difficult question, but they will ask you this: "Are you fast paced?"”

“Nothing too off the wall. Basic sales job questions like "can you give me an example of when you set a goal and had a set back then overcame and accomplished goal" "can you think of a time when you…”

“Be prepared to have knowledge of fluid mechanics and dynamics as well as solid MATLab or similar programming expertise / familiarity”

“No Job interview, was hired immediately”

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