Medical Specialist Interview Questions

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“I was asked what salary that I would accept and I named a figure that was in line with bay area positions. Bay area positions for medical records start at $20 an hour and average $25 an hour.”

“Have you ever had a disagreement with a co-worker and how would you handle that?”

“Why did you choose Grand Rounds to apply to?”

“If you found an error in your report that was too late to fix, how would you feel?”

“Name a time where you had more work than a days time permit to finish, what did you do and how did you handle it?”

“In your opinion, what has been the most difficult issue regarding your coworkers.”

“How do you go about researching a potential therapy?”

“Why should I hire you above all the candidates that have applied?”

“How would I handle ending the gossip between the two offices about the conflict between this position and the people in billing.”

“How do you feel about paperwork? This was especially difficult as I was hoping for more of a product development position, and this was more of a surveillance and failure reporting spot.”

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