Member of Technical Staff I Interview Questions

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“Explain to me everything you know about multi threading.”

“What do you know about concurrency? Describe in minute detail”

“How will you develop a ReadWriteConcurrentLock?”

“What do you know about websockets, long polling, short polling etc.?”

“In the quiz, there were some acronyms (ex: FEA, MTBT...), metal alloy number (asking what the letter "T" means), expression of a work and energy equation... I was asked about what my favorite class...”

“had to perform hands on lab assessment that was easy but with their employee hovering over me asking why I was doing it that way was frustrating..also had to complete a 4 page exam on electronics to...”

“Draw a schematic of an amplifier.”

“How would you implement replication of Active Directory objects to remote sites with high latency, low bandwidth network connections?”

“None. They are mostly basic C++ concepts, coding, design and database questions.”

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