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“Leadership questions.”

“Given a gdb dump, explain the data structures in the hex dump, walk thru the data structures and explain what contents could be.”

“As a former employee of the company, I had a lot of 'why do you want to come back to Altera?' and 'do you plan to leave again?',”

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“How would you store a sparse matrix?”

“Clone a linked list with following scenario:
1) The data of every node in the link could be a pointer to another node in the link.
2) The clone should create the exact structure/graph as of…”

“Merge 2 sorted single-linked lists into the brand new list (no pointer copy allowed). The resulting list should have the data from both lists all correctly sorted.”

“Implement strstr() in C.”

“What is Q-factor of an RLC circuit ?”

“Given 99 unique numbers between 1..100 how do you find the missing number.”

“Database design question regarding user-account management, authorization etc.”

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