Member of Technical Staff Interview Questions

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“Merge 2 sorted single-linked lists into the brand new list (no pointer copy allowed). The resulting list should have the data from both lists all correctly sorted.”

“Implement strstr() in C.”

“What is Q-factor of an RLC circuit ?”

“Given 99 unique numbers between 1..100 how do you find the missing number.”

“Database design question regarding user-account management, authorization etc.”

“What attributes do you have to contribute to the team?”

“1) How does an ISR work (All the way from the beginning to the end) 2) Data structures and approaches such as when to use a hash table, tree, list, etc. on a conceptual level”

“Tell me something about RTOS scheduler”

“Write the solution to the single writer, multiple reader problem”

“Why do you want to leave your current position as a contract employee?”

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