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“An unexpected question was: "You and I are playing russian roulette and I load two bullets into a 6 chambered revolver in adjacent chambers. I go first, and nothing happens. Now you can either pull…”

“why i change job.”

“Knowledge of company activities. It's a large company and one wants to show awareness.”

“I don't remember exactly, but some standard low-level C/C++/Java questions. Maybe something about string manipulation, bit play, recursive algorithms, threads, networking, etc.”

“Design an elevator system and suggest what patterns would be used and why?”

“Data size for 64bit compiler”

“Debug some special situation due to error.”

“Given an array of integers write a function so that all the even numbers are on the left side of the array and all the odd numbers are on the right side of the array.”

“What are your expectations from a manager?”

“Nothing unexpected, just a question about cloning a linked list with an arbitrary pointer and to find an element in a matrix with elements sorted along the columns and rows.”

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