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“Do you think it would be difficult for you in transitioning to portray a happy personality over the phone as compared to face to face?”

“When they asked me about my previous job - one of Executive asked me I seemed like I enjoyed it - why I left.”

“2 on 1 interview. At one point, the 2 people interviewing me said they wanted to put me in a typical situation and they would be the Client, I would be the KP MS Rep and need to respond. they…”

“What should I ask you to find out if I want to hire you or not?”

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

“What are your weaknesses?”

“What have you done and gone out of your way to help someone?”

“Most of the questions was situational questions. Like tell me about a time you went above and beyond for a customer? Tell me about a time you made a mistake and what did you do to correct it?”

“To break into groups and create/present a "commercial" touting the company's values.”

“If you were alone (no supervisors around), there's people calling on the phone a long line forming and a difficult customer at the front of the line what would you do?”

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