Member Services Interview Questions

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“There was a situation question about someone with the wrong id”

“A member wants to try a class but has heard that it's hard. Assuming you have never taken the class, how would you respond to the member?”

“which is more importanr, members leaving satisfied or the policy?”

“There weren't any difficult or unexpected questions.”

“How would you forecast inventory?”

“Why do you want to work for the YMCA.”

“How can you help Target , at the sametime help your community?”

“They'll ask a lot of questions about past experience. So be prepared to tell stories of how you handled a difficult situation with a coworker/customer, or how you succeeded in a time management issue.”

“What was one time you did something even though you were afraid? (Something along those lines)”

“What an ideal manager would be to the position I was interviewing for, what qualities I would most value in a manager and what I would most dislike in a manager.”

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