Member Services Team Member Interview Questions

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“What should I ask you to find out if I want to hire you or not?”

“What are your weaknesses?”

“What have you done and gone out of your way to help someone?”

“Give examples of a time that you had to overcome a difficult situation, a detailed example.”

“To break into groups and create/present a "commercial" touting the company's values.”

“What is your most challenging weakness and how do you work to overcome it?”

“If a customer comes up to you angry with how their food turned out and how they wanted you to fix it, the manager tells you to do something, and a team member yells at you to do something else all at...”

“How do you think you will accommodate Whole Foods Market's Core Values?”

“"How would you handle being scheduled to work with a co-worker you didn't get along with?"”

“Tell me about a time...”

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