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“How many race heats are needed to find the 3 fastest pinewood derby cars out of a field of 8, if only 4 cars can run at a time (assuming that every car will always run the way/speed and each lane is…”

“Given a series of strings, find the biggest common prefix.”

“1) How does an ISR work (All the way from the beginning to the end)
2) Data structures and approaches such as when to use a hash table, tree, list, etc. on a conceptual level”

“Nothing unexpected, just a question about cloning a linked list with an arbitrary pointer and to find an element in a matrix with elements sorted along the columns and rows.”

“Painting a list of houses using three different colors with minimum cost.”

“I experienced the normal questions you would expect from a technical interview.”

“There was not unexpected question. Everything was usual for a tech interview.”

“None. They are mostly basic C++ concepts, coding, design and database questions.”

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